Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring Fever

I was reading Anne's blog and suddenly got caught up with a form of spring fever. I can not wait to get out into my small back yard to fix it up.

I love flowering vines and I have jasmine, bouganvillas and grapes clinging to posts and climbing all over the place. There is no grass directly behind my home, but I have a couple of fountains, one with a waterfall, a bird bath and some rattan furniture (covered for the winter) and a swing. I have hung little lights and I have a section that has misters - which keeps part of my plants thriving year round.

To the side of my back yard, there is a small area of grass where my little ones can run around, but they tend to ignore it unless it is a sunny day - which have been few.

I have three dachsunds in the backyard and every winter, I pretty much let the place go. I bring two small doghouses up to the back porch which I enclose in thick plastic to prevent rain and wind from reaching them (they each have their own specially-made, small electric blanket and each has their own fire-alarm attached to their doggie house, just in case) All of this must go in order to reclaim my back yard.

We've been having too much rain - but once the rain stops, I'm starting. I'd love to put in a flower garden or plant some vegetables -- but with the three babies, I don't know how much of it would survive. So far, I've survived by planting in tall pots and planters.

Lately, all I do is open the door to let my doggies in every day, or step out to feed them. And I watch and hear everything from my bedroom (we have 2 security cameras aimed at my back yard)

Thank you, Anne. For reminding me that I should try to get outdoors more.
Now, excuse me please... my little yard is calling me.


  1. Wow!! I want your garden!! I'm going to steal it when you're not looking :)

  2. Thanks. I do love it. Once I clean it up soon, I'll post some pictures.
    You're welcome to come visit me any time you'ld like. :)

  3. Oh, that sounds beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures. :)

    Once I get some more work done, I'll put some pictures up of my gardens. My grandson calls the one area "that big dirt." lol

  4. Thanks. Anne, do you let any of your birds fly around outside? Growing up, we had a couple of tamed sparrows (found abandoned and close to and we fed them with a dropper and nursed them back to health) and these birds would fly around our yard outside and every evening, return to their little cage which hung in the breezeway. Of course, there were no cats in the immediate area. They stayed away longer and longer until one day they just didn't return. I know your birds are exotic and maybe you wouldn't dare take that chance with them. But I was just curious.

  5. No, I don't let the parrots fly outside. Some people do take their companion birds outside on their shoulders or on carriers, but I've heard too many scary stories about hawks snatching them or other animals attacking them! I'd never forgive myself if anything like that happened to one of my feathered babies.

    I do enjoy the outside wild birds very much though! They're a lot of company when I'm outdoors. I bet those tamed sparrows were wonderful. :)

  6. Anne, I don't blame you one bit for not letting them fly around. I didn't really think you would, but I had to ask.