Sunday, June 29, 2008

George Washington University

Well, my baby (Jennifer) is back. I missed her so much.
She had gone to George Washington University in Washington D.C. -- only four blocks from the White House -- and loved it. It was so strange that she was not here. Last Wednesday evening she attended a Nationals Baseball game.
I think of last summer, it was so different. We flew all over the place and did so much. Now, all my girls are in school.

Jennifer wanted to be a pediatrician and was taking advantage of a summer intern program at GWU medical center - she won a full scholarship. I'm so proud of her. But now that she's back - she no longer wants to be a pediatrician. She wants to be a surgeon. She's a really bright (4.0 gpa) kid - I'm sure she will succeed in anything she wants to do.

Catherine is off to University California Santa Barbara - also on a full scholarship. Another bright kid (4.67 gpa - graduated 6 out of 300+ students in her class)

And my little Marisa, now 25, loves her music and art. She has her art on display at a local art gallery.
I'm very proud of my three "babies" -- but it also makes me realize they're all grown up now. They're making their dreams come true. I put mine on hold as I help others with their dreams...... but I'm longing for mine. Someday. Somehow. Someway.
Never let go of your dreams!