Friday, April 14, 2006

Game called off

I knew before I got there that more than likely, there would be no game tonight. But, heck, I'm a true die-hard fan and rain or shine, I had to be there for opening day.

I quickly found all of my extended baseball family and after hugging half a dozen people and catching up on what everyone has been doing -- everyone started talking about the rain.

It had stopped raining for a couple of hours prior to game time. The sky even looked blue -- but, oh, those black clouds in the distance.... they did not look good. And just as the game was about to start, they came in - with full force, dropping giant drops of water that eventually went down to a heavy sprinkle.

No one really cared. We laughed and we talked and I ordered a hotdog and a water -- just to say that I did it. I've not missed an opening game in seven years.

Alas, the game was called and we all said our goodbyes. We'll try again tomorrow - maybe a double header.

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