Sunday, June 05, 2011

Summer Cottage Dreams

When I first moved into my home 18 years ago, there was a small shack in the back yard that I converted into a playhouse for my three little girls. The room had a lot of shelves where tools and who knows what once were - I used it to display/hold dolls and toys. A small table and chairs, "kitchen" area and "sitting" area were added and the rustic little play house was created.

As the girls grew, the little playhouse turned into a very-rustic guestroom. With time, it eventually became a store room.
And now, it's filled with who knows what - everything from Christmas decorations to a lot of miscellaneous everything.

That will soon change. This summer, the girls promised to help me transform that little room into my own pretty little cottage. And with my beautiful 'Morning Glory' growing everywhere, I plan on helping the vine over to the "cottage" - that should make it really pretty.

I am very excited and have so many plans for it. I want to keep it rustic but do plan on adding simple white paneling that I can paint a very light color - mint or cream or kiss of yellow - to cover the dozens of pieces of sheetrock that cover that place.

The floor is not straight but I just plan on putting a large thick plywood and cover it with an indoor/outdoor carpet.

I've been collecting white wrought iron things - an antique bed, frames, candleholders, and bird cage to add to my little room. A wing-tip chair, floor lamp and desk armoire should finish my little vintage room.

I've seen it in my mind for years and now finally I am ready to do it. I plan on taking photos along the way. Here's a few so you can see what I'm working with. Notice the room full of boxes?

That's me. A dreamer - I do it a lot. It keeps me going.

I plan to read and write and dream out there - and add it to my other favorite things about my home - enjoying a cup of coffee on my front porch, hanging out in my tiny little back yard and playing with my doggies and enjoying my rose garden and waterfall pond.