Saturday, June 23, 2007

Back from vacation

Kailua Beach is so beautiful. It is located on the windward side of Oahu island and has been voted "the most beautiful beach in the United States" - it literally is picture-perfect. White powder sand, clear turquoise waters and turtles swim with you! I love sea turtles!

Cathy, Jennnifer and Marisa - Hawaii 2007

Anyway -- I am temporarily back. I was gone for two weeks and it was nice coming home. But, I had a great time in Hawaii and at a couple of other places I visited. Though I must admit, traveling 10 hours on the plane from Hawaii to Pennsylvania - and then another flight to West Virginia - was very exhausting. I met the Fabulous Studio Band on tour at Shinnston, W. Virginia - Buck Shaffer's hometown. I had the most beautiful, amazing time.

And it looks like I am not done. I'll be sending my children to Oregon to visit family while I take care of some more business travel....heading east to New Jersey next.

But not all travel is business, once the girls return, we will have a little fun before school starts in August. Catherine is a senior in high school and we will be visiting a couple of schools this summer - UC Santa Barbara and Pepperdine University - we'll stay with my sister in Camarillo - so that'll be fun. We also plan on traveling north to see San Francisco State University and UC Homboldt.

If there is time, I will take my mother to Phoenix to visit my sister for a few days. I took her two years ago and I guess it is time to go again.

As to writing - I'm still writing news stories here and there, but I hope to get back to my "fun" writing soon.

Until then - aloha. (I'm still wishing I were back on Kailua)