Saturday, November 05, 2011

Twitter Tweet

I have been active on FaceBook (dual accounts - one page for work, one page for personal/family fun) but have stayed away from Twitter.

Recently, that changed. Work is requiring us to start "tweeting" while we work.
Needless to say, we've been getting immersed in social media workshops/requirements, etc.

I had to jump in - and am hoping to make a little bit of a splash with it.

Not totally sure about it - but I'm getting my feet wet. I'm on day 7 -- have made more than 15 tweets (that's more than two a day) - follow more than 100 people - and, interesting for me - have 26 followers.

So, I'm officially twitting. All professional tweets - writing, articles, and eventually - updates on my novel - called for now 'September Skies' - but I will change that when I finish my novel. I have a few titles in mind but want to keep that to myself for now.

If anyone wants to find me on twitter - you can do so at: avila_recorder

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Change of dreams

It looks like I will not be making my little get-away room behind my home.

I was totally ready to invest in it and make it a precious writer's getaway but had to re-think things. Turns out my mom is getting weaker and I am now concentrating on another "get away" -- building a studio at her home so that I would have a place to stay when I care for her.
I could not afford to do both, so my little writers paradise will wait.

Of course, I'm still excited about the studio -- and I will incorporate a lot of what I had planned for the cottage -- white wrought iron bed, small wicker furniture sitting area - plants and flowers - and lots of book cases with all my favorite books.
What I want is a retreat - for myself - or whomever might be able to stay there on the days I can't. -- all a dream for now, of course.

But that's ok. I live on dreams.