Saturday, June 02, 2012

Summer Dreams

Now that my hectic May is over I can start dreaming about my own summer projects and trips.

I know I've been talking about cleaning out, painting and setting up my cottage guesthouse (currently used as a storage/junk room) for a long time. I had even given up on the dream. But, like my wild jumanji plant that grows wild all over my home, the dream is back and stronger than ever. I want that place so bad! It's been a dream for years. And I want to cover the cottage with my Morning Glory vine.

I want to do a bit of research for my novel - which means some (possibly) dangerous travel. A cousin of mine has a cabin in the nearby mountains and said I can borrow it. That is very tempting - especially since there are archaeological finds in the area - another "summer must" I would love to enjoy.
I also want to zip line this summer in the mountains! I am really looking forward to that. And I want to catch my first fish (though not sure I can eat it.) When it comes to fish, I only like Tilapia and Mahi Mahi.
But perhaps I can accomplish both of these things with my research trip.

Gotta love summer days!

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