Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Shorts, tank tops and high stakes

Some people are braver than I could ever be.

While cruising around, visiting AW members' blogs and sites, I ran across WVWriterGirl's site. She had one page that caught my attention. She and her best friend are trying to lose a little weight.

Ok, many of us try that at one point or other. But this was different. They added some friendly competition to it -- with high stakes!

Here's the deal: after the "contest" ends (both are winners, in my opinion) the "loser" has to post a picture of herself (on her blog) wearing shorts and a haltar top!

If that isn't motivation enough to lose weight! Of course, I'm hoping they'll both feel so great about their accomplishments, that they will both post a nice pic of themselves. LOL

But isn't that cool?

I was never heavy as a child or teen. I was the opposite, tall and skinny and awkward through grade school. By high school I felt a bit more comfortable with my body. I was an "Orange Blossom" (one of 12 coveted letter-girl positions) and by college, a cheerleader and a Barbizon model. I was still shy but always sweet enough to where I was televised quite a few times. (It was my smile)

Still, over the years, those pounds have a tendency to sneak up on a person. With my high school reunion coming up this summer, I have been watching the scales. How I would love to enter into such a challenge with a good, trusted friend.

I read WVWriterGirl's plan and I thought, "That makes a lot of sense." I would do my darndest to not lose the challenge.

I'd feel awful though, about my friend posting such a pic. LOL
But, it's all in fun and for encouragement. Wow.

My hat is tipped in your direction, WVWriterGirl.

Best of luck and mega kuddos to you and your friend.


  1. Lol, I'll do it with you, if you want :) I have to lose weight for capoeira but can't bring myself to do it. Maybe some motivation.... What do you say?

  2. That is so scary. I mean, loser has to post a pic in shorts and halter top - you still game? We have to be honest too, with how much we lose. I mean, no need to learn the actual weight...

    OK - let's do it! Starting now and ending when?

    And what is Capoeira?

    [singing] I'm gonna lose some weight! I'm gonna lose some weight! (I have to or I'll die!)