Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Monday Meme' from a couple weeks ago

I had been so busy with all of the stories, including agriculture stories ( Ag Special all of the stories in there are mine, click on "next" to turn the pages )-- that I had stopped doing the Monday memes.
I was in the AW threads and reading some of the meme's I missed and decided that this one was too cute to pass up.

It was started by Ray Wong - Maestrowork!
His blog is at

1. If someone is going to make a movie about you, which movie star/actress should play you?
Young me - Julia Ormonde. Current me: Diane Lane

2. What are your favorite movies and/or books? Books -To Kill a Mockingbird, Casa Blanca, The Bridgest of Madison County, A league of their Own; and I'm a sucker for love stories/chic flicks.

3. Coffee or chocolate? Not a fair question. I love chocolate and I can't live without coffee - I absolutely love Starbucks Coffee. No flavor coffees for me. Just strong, with cream and Equal.

4. Hot tub or beaches? Beaches

5. Do you like to take naps? Or do you sleep only a few hours a day? I take occasional power nap - about 20 minutes, if I'm lucky. Not too often.

6. Do you sleep in the nude? No.

7. What do you consider is your best achievement so far? Raising my children. My three daughters are my pride and joy.

Since this happened some time ago, I'm not tagging anyone.

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