Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer's not over - traveling continues

August - from Yuma, Az to Portland, Oregon

Well, since summer was not over, I continued to travel. Jennifer, Marisa and I went to Yuma, Arizona.... 10 hour drive. Fun. We got caught in a nasty sand storm as we arrived. I did some research for my novel and we visited Richard - we stayed on base. I also visited some interesting sights - a hummingbird garden in the desert, a camel farm and interesting grave yards.

We left and drove all the way to Oregon -with a stop in Visalia to drop off Jennifer and pick up Catherine. We spent the night in Redding and then spent the next day exploring waterfalls in the Shasta Mountains. (pic is of Catherine at Sweet Briar Falls) Breathtaking beautiful. It was a perfect day.....from there, off to McMinnville for the annual LaMotte/Flores garden party - a perfect end to summer.
(pic: Catherine under one of the arbours at the party - as the sun went in, hundreds of twinkling lights came on.)

What fun!
What a summer!