Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Santa Barbara & Spumoni's

I desperately needed a break, so this past weekend, I decided to get away and take a last minute trip to Santa Barbara to see some of James family that had flown in from Oregon for a graduation. My two younger daughters went with me. (James never goes to any of his family outings - so I usually try to go and take the children with me.)

It was great. We had so much fun. We went to the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and then walked around, eating ice cream and browsing through down town shops.
A big storm came in and we literally got soaked as we walked the 12 blocks back to the parking garage. It was a little cold but we had such fun and laughed so much.

Sunday night we all had dinner at Spumoni's -- an Italian restaurant with the most delicious food. (Ok, when it comes to Chicken Picatta, Little Italy of Visalia is still better.)

We had a group of 10 and it was late by the time we arrived -- past 9 p.m. but they were happy to seat us and they were so friendly and gave us the best service.

The owner was very helpful and even brought some free wine, appetizers and chocolate cake and some other Italian desserts for us! (We did all buy main courses and we paid for some of the appetizers -- but they brought us so much more!)

When we left, we had complimented them on some of their bread and they gave us a basketful to take with us!

I will never forget that place and if I'm ever in Camarillo again, I'm definitely going there!

I'm glad I decided to go. I had originally told them I couldn't make it but after last Thursday, I just really needed to get away. I really needed this trip.

Back home update:
My mama is still quite upset with me over the car thing but she's being polite now, which is great. I spent the last four days in partial agony over everything that happened last week.

My mama had a doctor's appt. again today. Her MRI was as normal as expected for her age and the doctor said he feels she has been reacting to the medications that she is on - which are plenty of them. This morning he removed a couple of them and we will see if that might help. She does not remember a lot of things that happened recently, including climbing up the tree house. I'm hoping to see a big difference because for now, she still won't come home with me. That means I need to keep traveling to Porterville daily to see her. I told her I'll return this afternoon and make her some enchiladas for dinner. She liked that.

Thanks again for those of you who have emailed and/or posted kind comments here. It has meant a lot to me. It has been a rough week but I think we'll pull through.


  1. I love Santa Barbara. I have meetings in Ventura once in a while and we always fly into that cute little airport, instead of LAX.

  2. Hi Jamie, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    I fell in love with the area. Ventura has such a long beach. We didn't have a chance to do the beach thing because of the rain so I guess I'll have to go back.

    My daughter wants to return to check out Malibu Beach and Pepperdine University. We'll probably return next month -- if we can squeeze it in.

  3. The Italian food sounds wonderful. I'm glad you had a great time and that your mom is doing better. :)

  4. :) Thanks, Jeff. Yes, it was great - I think the atmosphere and people there made the difference!

    I had a great evening with my mom tonight. I had dinner with her and then asked her if she wanted to go downtown for an ice-cream cone. She liked the idea and it really lifted her spirits.

    By the time we got home, after making a stop to see my sister, she was giggling like a school girl.

    I had not seen her this happy in a long time and it really made my day.

  5. See, how the sunshine is coming back, Esther! Good food, good hosts, and now Mother getting back to good spirits. Sounds wonderful. Best wishes :)

  6. Great. Now I'm stuck at work and starving. Thanks a lot, September.

  7. Bhaswati: Thank you. I am definitely smiling again.

    Matt: LOL - and suddenly I am craving Little Italy.

  8. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Glad to hear your mother is beginning to warm again. I'm sure she'll adjust and all will be well.

  9. Thanks, Jason. :) Though - she's still 84 years old and can have her moments. LOL (my sister said she bought a "For Sale" sign for her van and then said anyone can buy the car except me.) LOL I started laughing! I thought it was funny.

  10. I love Santa Barbara, too--I've got friends right up the road, in Goleta.

    Lots of us keeping you in our thoughts. *smile*

  11. thanks, Mac.
    Goleta is nice. I love that entire area.