Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to any of you that are mothers or mothers at heart.

I know that my years with my mother may be numbered, so I really enjoyed today.

Especially since my mother fell yesterday while she was with my sister. I got the phonecall and rushed to Porterville to see her. Fortunately she was not seriously hurt, other than a couple of scraped knees and a bruised face. She looks as if someone gave her a shiner on her right eye. I packed up her bag and told her she was coming home with me.

So, today, I got up early made her buscuits and coffee and we enjoyed a nice early mother-daughter time out on the front porch. It was lovely.

I then spent the rest of the morning cooking - chili beans, Mexican rice and teriyaki chicken - for a family potluck at my niece's home in a nearby town.

We had a great time. They live on a beautiful home in the country surrounded by 40 acres of vineyards. I had never been there but I fell in love with the old-fashion country home. They had everything I wish my home had - including three bathrooms and a nice game-room loft.

But what I loved the most was their back yard. It was gorgeous - complete with volleyball, basketball and a pool.

The young children could climb a nice treehouse.

Everything was great until we heard some of the teen kids yelling "Grandma, Stop!" and when I turned around, my mother, wearing a very nice pink dress, was half way up the treehouse.

There is something not right. Lately, I have to watch her like a young child. The other day she tried to climb up on my exercise bicycle and had I not seen her, she could have fallen.

Now, there she was, climbing up the tree house. I had done it earlier and slid down a slide and she said it was her turn. She then insisted on sliding down. My mother has always been a bit on the stubborn side. She refuses to admit that she is old (85) and she claims she can do everything an 18-year-old can. I tell her no, she can not. But, that's my mother. She's stubborn.

But, except for that little incident, we all had a very nice time.
I think I will always remember this day.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day! Delicious food, serene surroundings, good company--what more does one need?

    Your mother sounds so sweet. Do give her a hug for me. Isn't it true that daughters have to mother their mothers so many times? I speak from experiece ;)

  2. Happy Mothers' Day!! Even though it's a hard time in her life, I'm glad to hear you're treasuring these days with your mother.

  3. Esther, Happy belated Mother's Day to you! I enjoyed reading your blog today. Your mother sounds like an amazing person. You're fortunate to have a mom who is so eager to live life at her age! My grandmother was the same way.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I enjoyed yours, and will be back for more! Have a BLAST on your trip back East!

  4. bhaswati: I gave my mom a hug and she smiled and told me to give you one back. *hug* I told her you lived in India and she wanted to know when I went there and how I met you. :)

    And Thank you, jason and elizabeth. Yes, my mom is pretty special to me, stubborness and all. LOL That makes her more of a treasure to me. Some day I'll miss her.

    It was a nice Mother's Day, indeed.