Friday, May 05, 2006


Well, just when I thought things were plenty hectic and things can't get worse, one of my girls decides to go and break her foot this afternoon.

Jenna was very excited. She has so much going on in her young life right now. Tonight she had a softball game to play in and then afterwards she was going to a church youth group outing to Adventure Park (miniature golf, go-carts, laser tag, etc.)

I guess she was a little too excited. She asked me what happened to her uniform and I told her it was in the dryer. She ran to get it........tripped, fell, screamed, screamed, screamed some more.....she was in so much pain. And her little toe was bent sideways. She had dislocated it. Luckily her father, who is a paramedic, was here and took one look, told me to hold her, and then pulled it and put it back into place.

But, instead of going to the game, we spent the next couple of hours at the doctor, radiology and the emergency room. Fun!

Final diagnosis - broken toe. But you can't cast a toe, so they buddy-taped it. That's about all you can do to it. She can walk but she can't put pressure on it or run. Time will heal it.

Jenna was heartbroken about missing today's game and the youth outing. She is also begging me to let her play in tomorrow's softball tournment. Um...yea, right. As if. She said she can bat and someone else can run for her.

It was a hectic day but things are better now. I am writing four newspaper stories this weekend so my sister will come here and stay with my mother while I work. I am so relieved.

And Jenna - life goes on for her too. Tomorrow she turns 14 and we decided that the show must go on - so, she's still having her party. Fifteen loud, giggly teenage girls are invited. So, the question is - will I survive it?


  1. And you intend to write four newspaper articles? Wow, you are far stronger than me.

  2. :) the assignments are simple.

    I'm on my way to a Cinco de Mayo parade in Porterville. I'll probably be there one and a half hours, make sure and ask a question or two to the parade marshall, and the chamber president if I see her, a couple of spectators and a kid or two, get plenty of color for my story and I'm out of there.

    Tomorrow, same thing with Cinco de Mayo carnival/festival at the park, along with taking pics for the story.

    These two stories will run in Monday's newspaper, so I have to do them this weekend.

    The other two stories are pretty simple "advances" on upcoming events. I got those assignments on Thursday and already did the interviews for them. I should have already done it but too hectic yesterday. They are technically not due till Monday, so more than likely I will write them Monday morning.