Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger

I met my Governor today. In fact, he shook my hand. It was great.

The wait for him seemed to take forever - but it was worth it. I know many around here are constantly putting him down - but I believe in what he has been doing.

Today he was discussing his Strategic Growth Plan - a $35 billion investment to maintain and improve the state's levee and flood control system and to provide for safe and reliable water supplies for California's future.

I was at the World Ag Expo to cover his visit and to cover the expo. I ended up writing three stories today.

I have been covering the Expo in Tulare, CA every day this week. (two to three stories a day) I have loved it. It feels great being a member of the press and getting all the perks. Special VIP parking, private golf-cart escorts, etc.

We have been treated like royalty at the media trailer that they set up for us. We have comfortable chairs/couches, all the drinks, candy, meat and cheese cuts, yogurt, name it, they have it for us.

Yesterday I got to interview some members of a Nigerian delegation. I've spoken with people from Japan, Canada, Australia, Netherlands and Australia. Today I spoke with the California agriculture secretary and I got to follow Arnold around as he toured the grounds.

Today I ran into a former news editor I once worked with. He's with another paper now and when he heard I was freelancing, he invited me to come out and write for them too.

Today was fun. And, it's such a big high for me to open up the next morning's paper and see my stories on the front page.

I love my job!


  1. You do have a great job! It's fun to read about the goings on down in my old stomping grounds (I lived in Bakersfield). I gotta get back to your blog more often!

  2. Thanks, Dawno. You know, everytime I drive by Bakersfield (like today) I think of you now.