Saturday, February 11, 2006

Five Weird Habits

Five Weird Habits – tagged by Joanne

The Rules: The first player of this game starts with the topic “five weird habits” and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don’t forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says “You have been tagged” (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.

Ok Joanne – these are things that my girls have told me are just plain weird!

1. Every time (and I do mean EVERY time) I wash dishes, I sing Donny Osmond or Tom Jones songs. My earliest recollection of this strange habit -- I was 12 years old.

2. I can not throw out a newspaper unless I visually scan it first. There are times I am a week behind (subscribe to 3 papers) – and I wish I could pick them up and throw them out. But, I can’t. I will pick them all up, automatically throw out all the ad inserts, classifieds, comics, and usually sports (except for baseball season) and then I’ll set them aside until I have more time. It usually takes me a couple of hours to go through a week’s worth.

3. This is not really weird – ok, part of it is. I can not go to sleep unless I pray for my girls (small prayer- I touch their forehead and we close our eyes and I say a small prayer) That part is ok. But then, I sing my girls their “night-night” song. Mind you, my daughters are 22, 15, and 13. And they would be embarrassed to death if their friends knew. Odd thing, they are so used to the prayer and their song that when I am sleepy and forget, they’ll come looking for me to say goodnight and stand there, waiting for me to do the silly verse I invented when they were toddlers. When my daughter went to Hawaii with the school recently, I joked with her about recording the night-night song so that she could take it with her. A few months ago, my 13 year old called me from a sleep over and whispered, “I’m calling for the night-night song” – and of course, I sang it to her over the phone.

4. I love fresh figs. But, it is such a short season and they are so hard to find. Therefore, I have a notebook where I have jotted down the location of every single fig tree that I have ever run across. There are 8 in Porterville, 5 in Visalia, 1 on the side of the freeway on the way to Los Banos....etc. No, I never steal figs. In fact, I've never had a fig from any of those trees. (except for a former one in an empty lot by the baseball park, but it's gone now - removed to make a parking lot)

5. This one goes back to when my daughters were little. Every time they saw a cute animal on television, they'd say "OHHH" or "Ahhhhh" (but really loud and exagerated) and it was followed by "how cute" "how sweet" or "how adorable" -- somehow, I picked it up from them. It used to drive my husband crazy, we'd be watching television and a fuzzy animal would be shown and we'd all oohed and ahhed loudly. Well, we still do it. Doesn't matter when the animal pops up -- a monkey on Survivor or the little monkey on Friends -- "Ahhhh! How adorable!"

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  1. Heh--I'll see about getting it up in the next couple of days. :P

  2. Esther,
    I chuckled when I read #2 because I do the same thing with newspapers. The exact same thing!
    #3 is priceless! My youngest daughter, soon to be 27, takes the baby pillow I made for her when she knows she's be away from home. (She took it with her in the Army as well.)

  3. OK, I did it. Happy?

  4. yeeahh! Maestro did it.

  5. Hey, Alex. Interesting photos on your blog.

    Mac - it would be fun to read what you write/wrote.

    Joanne - I always have to smile when I find someone who does similar things - especially odd things. :)

    Ray: I'll say it again, YEAHHH! Yes, happy. :)