Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Reading and more reading

I guess you could say that if I am not at work, I am reading. Though lately, I've found it harder to read a book a weekend. The last book -- "The last summer of you and me" took me two weekends, but no surprise, as I was also out with my girls doing back-to-school shopping.
(cute little story, by the way - sweet summer read)

It's amazing how much Catherine needs for school. I had never given it much thought until we started picking up things - basically, she needs everything -- but keeping in mind that it all must fit into a dorm room.

She got her new flat screen television (I know, don't say it) but the way I see it, she studies hard and if she wants to watch a program or two, it's fine with me. New printer, new mini refrigerator, iron and board, etc. etc. -- and all of the normal dorm stuff - xl sheets, xl comforter, and cute stuff for her desk -- the list seems endless. How fun.

Well, this weekend was another long weekend. I had Saturday and Sunday off so I picked up a new book -- Nicholas Sparks "The Choice" -- but I just couldn't get into it.
I was too busy Saturday with family -- barbecue at my sister's house -- and on Sunday, just couldn't get into it. It may take me a couple of weekends for this book since this weekend is gone.
Oh, I worked Monday, Labor Day. I'm off today but it's another busy day. I'm taking care of my mom and then have a tennis match, followed by Back to School Night for Jennifer.

So, nothing exciting to report. Oh...yes....there is one thing. Collin Raye will be performing on September 11 at the Tulare County Fair. That's exciting - for me anyway. He has been one of my favorite country singers ever since I can remember....."That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

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