Monday, September 29, 2008

Rainy days and Mondays

I love them both. Always have.
I love rain - it's so refreshing.

Today I was looking out the window when I suddenly noticed the light but consistent mist falling. You could almost not call it rain, it was so fine. But I didn't care. I jumped up and ran outside. I love rain. We rarely see it out here. But, as expected, it didn't last. No time to even grab an umbrella. Something about walking in the rain with an umbrella is so precious.

Extra special today - I didn't have to work. A day off - I did plenty of housework and I went to see my Jennifer's tennis match. She's an awesome tennis player. Last year she started playing for the first time and she's on the JV team but frequently plays varsity. She won again today. :) Catherine was on the team when she was there too and went two years undefeated. I love watching my daughters play tennis. Marisa always goes with me and she enjoys it too.

I took my girls to the mall and to In and Out for dinner. It's so strange not having Catherine here. I miss her. But I did get to spend the weekend in Santa Barbara with my family. It was very special.

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