Friday, July 04, 2008

Red, White, Blue and spectacular - with the one I love

I've always been patriotic - ever since I can remember I wished I had been born on the Fourth of July.

I love the holiday. And year after year, I have watched the fireworks, always wishing there were someone special next to me to enjoy them with. I've always had my children, of course, but something always wasn't quite complete.

Until Friday.

I sat there, with my little Marisa, just the two of us as we often do. And suddenly, I realized, she's all I needed. My little precious first baby. She will always be with me and I love her so much.

We danced and ate pink cotton candy and drank diet Coke. I bought her glow sticks and watched her glow. My heart warmed when she got very excited with the flyover. "Did you see the jets, mom?" she asked again and again.

When the fireworks - and all of the patriotic music - started. we oohed and ahhhed together at the beautiful streams of gold and reds, blues, whites, and greens.
It was a night I will remember forever. It did not matter suddenly that my own Cinderella and Prince Charming story would never happen. Her's has. And I will be happy for that.

My other two daughters, age 16 and 18, were off celebrating with their own friends. But my Marisa - she's my faithful baby - always at my side.

I love them all, but my Marisa, I treasure her in a special way. I couldn't imagine celebrating without her.

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