Sunday, November 21, 2010

A funny thing happened after work Wednesday.....

Wow - has it really been more than a year since I last blogged anything?

I guess you could say I have been quite busy between two households in two towns and work (since May) - and traveling to and from visiting my two girls in Santa Barbara. There was also a bit of travel involved prior to May.

But something has happened recently to me and I wanted to share it with you. If it ends up helping just one person - great. If not, well, I still want to share it - because it helps ME.

On Wednesday, Nov. 17, I went to work like normal. I put in a full day as a news reporter -- loved it, as always. Making the day more special -- I got to cover a story about the Porterville College baseball players who took time out from their day to play ball with a lot of little preschoolers. It was such an awesome day/story.

I also covered a tragic car accident - all in a day's work -- again, not to sound cryptic -- but I love the adrenaline rush of hard news. The man did not survive the wreck and I learned later -- that he was a family friend from church.

Well..... to get to what happened to me.

I came home, had dinner, and relaxed with a cup of coffee. I was drinking it fine when suddenly my mouth felt funny. I didn't think much of it but soon found my left eye watering like crazy and my left nostril running. Then I started drooling.

I went to the rest room to get a tissue and that's when I saw it -- my face. It had totally "fallen" on one side. I tried to talk and couldn't talk right.

I still wasn't about to panic so I went and took my blood pressure (automatic thingie) and when it read 200/104 -- time to panic! Straight to the emergency room I went - lucky for me - that means a whole three blocks. I was there in less than two minutes. Normally, I have low blood pressure. It runs 100/70 and sometimes drops lower than that. I usually take it to make sure it's not too low.

But this is where it gets interesting..... follow me to my next post. (break first)

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