Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nothing like checking out the backyard

I've been very busy the past two months - writing. I don't even know how many stories I've written.I wrote a batch of stories for our local museum (at least 10) I had a lot of fun writing them and learned alot. Here is one story about the Yokut Indians and reed boats.

Then our Tulare County Fair came into town and I covered the fair daily - two days stand out for me - Physics Day (students rode the carnival rides with intention of collecting data to use in graphs) - and Auction day for 4-H and FFA students - always one of my favorite events - It is what the fair was all about. It was not about rides and hundreds of commercial exhibitors.

But that wasn't all - I have also been writing stories about our surrounding communities for our "Living Here" tab magazine.

My home town - Porterville - is the gateway and headquarters to Sequoia National Forest and Giant Sequoia National Monument - it's absolutely breath taking.

I loved working on the "Living Here" stories - I was reminded how great my area of the world is.

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These trees are huge! Can you spot the people next to the trees?

Sequoia National Forest
1839 South Newcomb Street
Porterville, CA 93257

Living Here: Porterville - Visalia - Springville - Tulare - Exeter - Lindsay - Tulare County
(I will place links to my stories after the "Living Here" tab is published on 9/30)

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