Wednesday, July 26, 2006


There are only two kinds of spiders where I live -- daddy longlegs and black widows.

So, imagine my surprise when I heard my daughter scream. I had never heard such a frightful scream.
She stood at the doorway shaking, and pointed.

I looked and then ran to get the camera before grabbing a shoe and killing this thing.

Now I wish I hadn't. Why didn't I catch it? This thing was huge. My other daughter said her biology teacher would have loved it.

Jenna had stepped outside to get the mail and when she was coming back in, she saw the spider hanging in mid air - at face level! When she screamed, it continued down and then ran up the door.

At first I thought this was a brown recluse (I thought for sure that was a violin shape on his back) even though I knew that they do not live in this area. Then I read that brown recluses have violin shapes on their heads, not bodies. So, I figured this may be a female Hobo spider.

But I really have no idea what it is.

Anyone out there ever seen one of these? I have zero idea what it may be. Why, oh why, did I kill it? (actually, smashed it and then flushed it down the toilet.)

Since then, I've looked and looked and have not found another one.


  1. I don't know much about spiders. But I can understand why you used the shoe first and asked questions later! lol

  2. LOL - thanks, Jeff.

    I've searched and searched outside, figuring where there is one, there's got to be more - but to no avail.

    We sprayed around the doors and windows - no place else since Daddy longlegs can actually keep this sort of thing at bay.

  3. I can't tell how big it was from the picture, but my best guess is it's a wolf spider.

    Here's a website, but I warn you, once you visit, you'll be stuck there for hours.

  4. That one does look scary. Good you got rid of it, Esther. Better not to take chances, especially with kids around.

  5. Matt: I loved that site! Thanks. You were right, one can get lost there. The tummy size was big - about the size of a nickel.
    Bhaswati: Scary, yes. But still wish I had saved it. We now have a small jar set aside, just in case. The odd thing is just a few months ago, there was an article in the paper about a whole new breed of spiders that were discovered, never before seen out here. (well, in Sequoia National Forest - 34 miles away) I'm not saying I think this is one, but I do find it odd that we had never seen a spider like this before anywhere. I am thinking it was heat related and came down from the attic of the house which is directly above that front entry. (not walk around attic, just attic space)