Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Back in Business

First, I must apologize for anyone that might have tried to view my blog. I know it must have been frustrating if it jammed your computer in the process. At least, that is what kept happening to me.

I have had quite a few days filled with frustration but I believe it has been fixed.

I finally moved all of my band stories to a new page on my personal website and that seems to make everything run smoother.

So, now that I am semi-back, I can once more enjoy posting and reading. Though, I'm not really sure how much time I can dedicate to the Internet because I have been extremely busy with my upcoming 30th year High School Reunion.

But, until then, everyone keep telling those stories -- sooner or later, I'll try to catch up.


  1. Welcome back, Esther. I'm glad you got things fixed. :)

  2. Thanks, Jeff. Sure is nice to be back - not just physically, but with my wip.