Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Midnight Road Short Fiction Contest

Back in April I entered the "Two Lights" contest on Jason Evans' The Clarity of Night. I really never imagined winning anything. I entered only because it sounded like fun. To be honest, I was kind of hoping and praying for an honorable mention.

Imagine my surprise when I read that I had won second place! I framed the photograph I won and keep it by my desk as an inspiration to keep writing. (I also won a nice gift certificate!) But I think what I enjoyed the most was reading the other entries.

Well, if you missed it, Jason is doing it again and I would recommend that anyone who loves to write, give it a shot and enter. Not because of the prizes (though he does have some cool ones) but because it is such fun.

As a result of the last contest, I've met some great people that I now consider "friends" in my cyber world. I really believe that everyone who enters comes out a winner for doing so -- especially if you return to read and comment on the other entries.

Jason has posted a new photo for our inspiration. Click here and you will go straight over to the contest on the The Clarity of Night.

Good luck to you all! I look forward to reading your entries.


  1. Belated congrats on winning and good luck if you enter again this year. :)

  2. thanks esther..!! wudnt have known this unless u had sed it...

  3. Thank you, Frank. Yes, I did enter again. :) I like these contests. It is such fun to read others' stories.
    And you're welcome, manic.

    I'm looking forward to reading both of your stories and hope you go back in to read (and comment,please)mine. I'm entry number 9.


  4. Philip Eggman1:00 PM

    Fun is good and why not! Have I made your day?

  5. September2:45 PM

    Hi Philip! Yes you did. Thanks for stopping by my blog. (Philip and I graduated together in 76 - I don't think I've seen him since high school. He was also a news reporter in the Navy.)

    Philip, You can REALLY make my day by entering the contest. Looking forward to seeing your entry.


  6. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Thanks so much Esther! Your support has always been amazing. I'm very happy to have you as a friend.

  7. Thanks, Jason. Finding your site was one of the sweeter things I've done for myself. :)

    And, Thanks Philip, for entering the contest! (entry No. 15)

  8. Phil Eggman9:55 AM

    "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit!" - Richard Bach, American Author.

  9. Phil Eggman9:55 AM

    "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit!" - Richard Bach, American Author.