Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jan. 3: Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
It seems that with each passing year, time speeds up and zooms by me - and I, literally, don't know where the year goes. That was not the case this year. This was my debut freelancing year - and I loved it. It was a productive year.

Some of my writing accomplishments for 2005
  • finally left my newspaper job to pursue other writing endeavors (but I miss the newspaper so much)
  • finally said "no" to being secretary and a board member for baseball booster club (after 7 yrs)
  • wrote a short story for anthology Stories of Strength - my first published story
  • learned a lot about book promotion (this will come in handy with my next book)
  • finished a manuscript and mailed it off
  • finished a childrens' book and mailed it off
  • recorded a commercial for Bakersfield Californian newspaper/magazine - and got paid very well for it. (fluke thing too - I was speaking with someone about a writing assignment and the person on the phone said I had a great voice and before I knew it, one thing led to another)
  • debut Nanowrimo - I didn't make it to 50k because of other commitments and my freelance assignments - but I did start a new novel and I love it and can't wait to finish it
  • joined AW - best thing I ever did (and I made some awesome friends along the way)
  • I registered my name
  • started my own website
  • started this blog
  • took an online journalism class
I'm sure there's other things - but these are the ones that stand out.

New goals for 2006?
I will work on my novel - finish it and polish it and begin looking for agent representation.
Submit two magazine queries a month
Complete two more Childrens' books
Continue to freelance
Attend my first Writers Workshop

There are personal goals too - but I left those out and concentrated only on writing goals.


  1. Wow, great accomplishments, Esther! Inspirational!

    Dawno has writer's workshop as a goal too, and so do I. We oughta make our own!

  2. Thank you, Paprika. Wouldn't it be cool if we all went to the same one? Then we could officially meet.


  3. Congrats Esther. Hope you meet (or exceed) all your goals for 2006. :)

  4. Sounds like you did a lot! WTG! And here's to a stellar 2006.

  5. :) thank you, Frank and Ray