Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jan. 18: Return to Meme No. 4

The original entry here was a duplicate - which has been removed. But there was no sense in leaving this blog blank. So, I came back in to fill it with one of the Monday memes that I had missed.

AW Meme No. 4 - The first one of 2006

1. What is your most hated and dreaded household chore. Why? Cleaning out the refrigerator. No matter how hard I try, things always get lost in there and about once a month, I'll find little containers with white fuzzy growth inside. I would rather do anything, except clean the fridge.

2. Do you ever drink out of the beverage container or always pour a glass? Always from a glass or cup. I have never in my life taken a sip from the container unless it was a personal container (bottled water, soda, etc.) Though...I don't mind sipping from same bottled water, etc. as my girls.

3. Over the counter pain relief: Asprin, acetominiphen or ibuprophen? (if those aren't your options, what are?) I take ibuprophen and acetominophen

4. What was the first car (or motorcycle if that's the case) you bought for yourself? I started working at the hospital and had no car - so I bought myself a (yellow) moped. I loved it. I then saved up some money and three months later, put a down payment on a little car - cute little yellow thing. It was a Mercury Capri Rally Sport - very cute and sporty.

5. It's a lovely, sunny weekend day. What would you go do if you could do whatever you wanted to do (within your usual means). I would take a drive up to Horse Creek near the lake and take a hike up the river to my favorite water pool. It's so gorgeous - and so quiet. Just have to watch out for rattle snakes.

6. Name your favorite board game. My mom loves Aggravation. I'm not much into board games, but I play it with her every time I see her. It means a lot to her and I enjoy visiting with her while we play.

7. How many blankets do you sleep under and how many pillows do you use? One pillow - all the others get removed from the bed. I sleep under one blanket and I must have my sateen sheets. Without them, I can't sleep well.

8. How many pets and of what type do you currently live with? You may name them if you wish. Four dogs, two cats (all neutered and spayed) and one hamster

9. Biggest grammar peeve. Nothing really bothers me.

10. Favorite flower or other plant, should you not be into flowers. I love vines and morning glories. I love tulips, daffadils and hyacinths (Spring flowers) I couldn't have just one favorite.

I'm not tagging anyone because this already passed.

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