Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas traditions

I have several traditions at my home, though they are all quite special, I will share a few of them here.

Every year, since my girls were little, I have bought each of them a special ornament. When the girls were in ballet, I got them little porceline "girls in pink tutus" ornaments. As they grew, and had different interests, they got more individualized ornaments - softball player, musical instruments, and other unique ones -- Paris' eiffel tower, NYC's empire state building - and other gold, silver, and gemstone ones.
Jennifer treasures her Care Bears, Marisa her Back Street Boys ornament s- and Catherine, her Barbie ones.
Someday, when they leave and have their own place -- they will each take their box of special ornaments to hang on their first tree.

There is another tradition we have - shopping in a "big city" --normally that means San Francisco Union Square (always have to go see Santa at Macy's) --The trip is not complete without a special brunch or lunch, hot chocolate and ice skating in the plaza.

Last year was truely magical. It snowed. I was promised a "little girl" Christmas experience I would never forget - and I certainly got it -- an awesome light show and listening to Christmas music played on the largest pipe organs I have ever seen at the biggest, most beautiful Macy's I had ever been to. I will never forget it and will forever treasure the photo with Santa I have as a reminder of that magical day.

Disneyland at Christmas is another tradition. I take the girls twice a year. In the summer, and at Christmas. Disneyland is always magical - but even more so at Christmastime.
We will go on Friday, and I can't wait. Marisa especially, is counting the days. Every day she asks "how many more days?" and she jumps up and down and claps when I tell her.

And, my favorite tradition - opening gifts on Christmas morning. Growing up, it was always done the eve before. I wanted to give my children the excitement of Santa (Marisa still believes.)

Whatever your traditions are, may they leave beautiful memories for your loved ones.

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