Sunday, July 22, 2007

Miscellaneous Update

Well, good news - my eyes are just a little strained - tired - need rest, etc. I've been driving a lot lately and the "reading a book for eight hours" thing didn't help.

A lot has been happening around my home. I've driven to Sacramento three times this week (family flying out to see sick loved one) - Today we had a death in the family. I will fly out Tuesday to meet up with family in Texas.

On AW - I recently entered the July contest and won "Best Short Story" for my story "Christmas 1942 - A Means to Mighty Ends." It was fun writing it.

Also - I was tagged today by Joanne - and I will return and do the tag game before I leave for Texas but I'm not sure I know eight people I can tag that have not already been tagged.
So, I will leave the tagging off this time.

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