Sunday, July 22, 2007

Eight Interesting Things About Myself

Joanne from "Write after dark" has tagged me into writing eight interesting things about myself. (AW Monday Memes) 

I am not sure just how interesting it may really be...

1. I didn't speak much when I was young. As it turned out, there was a good reason. I was tongue-tied. I was diagnosed with Ankyloglossia - my tongue was attached to the plate of my mouth. The tendon was slightly cut, making it easier for me to speak - but too late, I had already gone through much of my school life without speaking, labeled as shy. I was never just shy. I
was quiet. There is a difference. About five years ago, I had some oral surgery at UCLA Medical Center -- I quickly became a central focus as interns gathered around me to see my tongue. They suggested severing the rest of the tendon but there were some risks and I decided against it. I've gone this long and have done alright.

2. I grew up in a home that did not believe in going to the movies. But in 1970, my older sister took me to see Erich Segal's "Love Story" - I loved it. It was the first movie I ever saw at the theater. My parents never knew I went. It was on that day, I decided some day I would go to NYC and ice skate in Central Park.

3. I was a tomboy as a kid. I'd hang out with my brother, climb trees, jump fences and spend all day at the river. The river was my back-yard playground. I wouldn't change a thing if I could. 

4. I always wanted a Barbie as a child. I asked for one many times. I came from a large family and money was tight. Still, my little sister got one -- but I never did. I did however, become a Barbizon Model. How many people can say that? I didn't get a Barbie but I did look like one.

5. I loved school and rarely missed. Favorite subjects: English and U.S. History. Now I love writing and historical places.

6. In college I was a Barbizon Model, a cheerleader and ran track and cross country. I set ten school track records in college. I ran cross country and track. When I wasn't on the track, I was cheering at football or basketball games. I was a cheerleader and loved it.

7. In 1975 I wrote a letter to the editor (hometown paper) during my senior year in high school. When I saw it - with my name - I knew then that someday I'd like to write for the paper. That dream came true. I love writing and write for several newspapers and magazines - I can't believe it is my job. I love it.

8. Frank "Buck" Shaffer was the best thing that happened to me in high school. I was an Orange Blossom - a letter girl in the band. In 1976, Buck Shaffer took us on a
ten-day bicentennial tour with stops in Boston, NYC, Washington D.C., Gettysburg, Mt. Vernon, Amish country (Intercourse, Bird in Hand) and Philadelphia. I've never forgotten it and believe it changed my life forever. I was already patriotic, but even more so after that. I returned last year with the same Panther Band, now under direction of then classmate Jim Kusserow, for a similar trip. But I've actually made the trip numerous times. I love the east coast. My life is blessed.


  1. Sorry I'm late in getting to your post. I really enjoyed this, Esther. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This list was interesting, Esther! It's wonderful learning about our friends.