Monday, August 14, 2006

Spider Identified - I think

A few posts ago, I posted a picture of a spider found in our home. It was huge (by my standards)

Matt D. suggested I check out whats that bug dot com -- I did. As much as I dislike bugs, I was fascinated by the site.

I didn't find my spider but I did query in my question and photo and they found it for me.

My spider looks identical (same mark on back) to a Huntsman Spider. The first one is mine. The other spider has two rows of the markings but I saw several pics of spiders with only one row.
Either way, this spider was a bit too fuzzy and too large for my liking. (think baby tarantula)

Now - my question is: How the heck did it get here?
I have been reading that they are from Australia.
Thank you, Matt, for your help in identifying it.


  1. Spiders are just creepy. lol

  2. Oh wow. That is a big spider. I'd be freaking out if I saw one of those.

  3. lol - yea. You should see us now. Everytime we come to the front door, we all look all around. My daughter still opens the door and then runs in as fast as she can.