Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jamaica 2015

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to visit Jamaica. I knew I would go someday. That's how I am. If I want something bad enough, I make it happen. So I did. It just took a little longer to do so because I kept finding other places to visit and I kept putting Jamaica on a back burner. Until this year. And - it was everything I always dreamed it would be, plus more.

For one thing, there was a hurricane constantly in the horizon - Hello Danny! Hurricane Danny, that is.... but Carnival is so good at what it does, it managed to constantly stay ahead of it.

They just flipped our itinerary - starting with the furthest away (and closest to hurricane) port and working their way back - and away from the hurricane.

Anyway - Jamaica-- what I really wanted to see - and experience - were the waterfalls in Ocho Rios. I heard there were hundreds (ok, maybe dozens) of them along the mile-long river climb.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to do this. Now I can cross it off my list. Jamaica was amazing. We hiked all the way down to the beach and then climbed 1,000 feet up through the river. And I did it! I did the entire climb. I am very proud of that.Unbelieveable. Dunns River Falls was amazing. But there was so much more.

I love watching track and field events (really almost all events) in the Olympics -- and Usain Bolt is one person who Jamaica is proud of, and rightfully so. We drove past William Knibb Memorial High School in Falmouth on our way to Ocho Rios. The bus guide talked quite a bit about the "fastest man in the world" belonging to Jamaica. It was very interesting hearing and learning all about him.

August 2015

I'll return soon to tell you all about my day.

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