Saturday, October 06, 2012

Must do before my 2013 birthday

Birthday "to do" list - must do before September 2013 ends
(Update: 9/28/13 - I managed to check off 8 of these - that's half of them - not bad.
Second Update:  I got to check a few more checked off in 2015/2016.)

2012 Birthday dinner at The River

I am a "list" person - I love lists. It's the way I stay organized. 
If I have a list, I can cross things off as I get them done. 
I have lists for everything - groceries, chores, things to do, things to try, song lists, project lists, book lists, assignment lists.... on and on it goes. I also have an "unrealistic but dream about it" list.
I am celebrating a new year of life - and as such - it's time for some new lists - what I would like to accomplish this year - professionally, personally, for fun and for family. 
I keep journals - so a lot of it is hand written in my journals. Last year's list included taking a helicopter ride - and I did it! Yep. A very happy birthday to me. Just for fun - I'm adding my 'simple and fun' list here. This is what I will do before my 2013 birthday:

1. Zipline - scheduled to do but it rained, so I get to pass it to the next year.
2. Drive a tractor - um.....ooops, friend offered his tractor but I was too busy.
3. Milk a cow - check! 
4. Ride a mechanical bull - um....nope, didn't do this one. I got scared.
5. Sleep under the stars - check!
6. Catch my second fish - check! 
7. Camp - still have never done this. 
8. Explore a cave - check!
9. Hike Montana de Oro - nope.
10. Spend a weekend in a cabin - check! (Finally - Camp Nelson - 7/16  and Dunsmuir - 716 )
11. Revisit Horse creek - check!
12. Stand under a waterfall - check! check! check! check! -- stood under several of them.
13. Ride a horse for the first time - not yet.
14. Take another cruise - check, check!  4 in 2014, 2 in 2015
15. Go rollerskating - went ice skating, close enough, so - check! 
16. Arizona - Grand Canyon, Sonora, Winslow, Bisbee, Douglas - research for my novel! - went, did research on a couple of them but not all those places  but close enough, so - check!

Not totally unrealistic. Can't wait to get started on my list. I am so ready to start marking these off.....

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