Friday, February 10, 2012

Father's behavior ghastly appalling

Chicago - News
Dad uses Facebook to teach daughter a lesson
Thursday, February 9, 2012

I ran across this while on facebook and was appalled by the father's behavior.

This man has some serious, horrible issues. His daughter has/had a right to write what she did. Ok, maybe it was not what a parent wants to hear - but she's a kid - and was doing what teens do (I'm guessing since my own kids are pretty much "perfect" kids - and I mean that seriously) I have never ran across anything like this with my own children -- but if I had, I know I would be mature enough to handle it.
This is America - that kid had her own dumb right to say whatever she wanted - ok, so she cursed a bit much - but she was rambling - she's a kid. That did not give this father the right to belittle her and do this to her -- or end by taking out his gun and doing what he did.
I feel for that kid. I'd hate to live with this man. Grow up - Mr Dad! You should be very ashamed of yourself. Yes, you could have grounded her. Yes, you could have taken her laptop away. But what you did is abuse - mental abuse - and using that gun of yours - sick! I don't know you but I can't stand you.
Sick - sick - sick bastard of a father - that's what you are! That kid deserves an apology from you. That kid deserves a real father.


  1. Tanya3:59 PM

    Just my own opinion here, but you said that she had every right to write what she wrote. Had she been pissed off and wrote it in a diary to keep to herself, I'd say yes...its just a teen ranting. But she made it public...she went on a social network where god knows who can see god knows what and tried to degrade her parents in front of an audience...NOT COOL

  2. No. Not cool at all. FB is today's diary. I don't like that either. I never said it was ok. But she's a KID. Her father is the adult. He could have dealt with it in a more mature way. This is sad for all involved. But as an emergency room nurse and school nurse - I can say that what this man did can cause severe emotional trauma to that young girl. That family is in my prayers.