Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Change of dreams

It looks like I will not be making my little get-away room behind my home.

I was totally ready to invest in it and make it a precious writer's getaway but had to re-think things. Turns out my mom is getting weaker and I am now concentrating on another "get away" -- building a studio at her home so that I would have a place to stay when I care for her.
I could not afford to do both, so my little writers paradise will wait.

Of course, I'm still excited about the studio -- and I will incorporate a lot of what I had planned for the cottage -- white wrought iron bed, small wicker furniture sitting area - plants and flowers - and lots of book cases with all my favorite books.
What I want is a retreat - for myself - or whomever might be able to stay there on the days I can't. -- all a dream for now, of course.

But that's ok. I live on dreams.

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