Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yes - I am still writing.

I started writing for Exeter Sun Gazette and for Southern Sierra Messenger - and I did freelance a couple of band stories for the Porterville Recorder.

Southern Sierra Messenger has been wonderful. I actually got my own column with them and my editor (not me) named my column "Esther Avila's Porterville."

My column has my memories about a Porterville moment and comments about a current situation, festival, or person from Porterville.

I've talked about meeting Buck Shaffer when I was 4-years old, the old kiddie wading pool at Murry Park, first day of school jitters, the fire pits at Taco Bell, ...... and other such memories.

I love having my own column.

I've also been writing all of the copy for a special publication for an upcoming apple festival. I've written a dozen stories and will spend most of the week as a photographer.

I love my job.

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