Thursday, August 16, 2007

Please send Miss Eleanor a postcard

UP DATE: September 5, 2007 - I drove by her work, and there she was - wearing a "thank you" on her outfit. Isn't she beautiful?

How it started:
I printed the request below on my writers online community - and I have been really pleased with the positive response I've received from everyone. It is all in fun - so I'd thought I'd share it here too.

Please send Missy a postcard

There is a mannequin near my home in front of a restaurant-supply store (about two blocks from my house) She sits out there every day - dressed in a professional chef coat and chef hat. We call her "Missy" and ever since the kids were little, we'd wave at her every time we drove by. It all started innocently about several years ago - I told them she was a real person who was out there. We met her when I took a wrong turn on the way to school and the girls asked where I was going...

"I want to drive this way to wave to my friend Eleanor," I said and then pointed to her as we drove by. They said it was a fake person, I claimed she was real. We still call her Eleanor when we drive by and a postcard or two has her listed as Eleanor -- but later, when we wrote Ms.Mannequin on the card, we started calling her Missy.

While in Hawaii recently, one daughter said, "Lets send Missy a postcard" -- so we did and we had such fun, we have sent her cards from everywhere we have gone this summer -- Texas, Oregon, etc.

We never really say who we are, just that we are thinking of her and hope that someday she can join us or that someday she can take a trip or we just ask how she is and how the restaurant business is going, etc. Very G-rated. Nothing bad.

It suddenly reminded me of the gnome story -- obviously we can't steal "Missy" to photograph her all over the world - she's human size - not a little gnome.

But I do wonder what the heck the business owner must think every time a card comes in. We've sent at least a dozen.

So, here is my request: If you can, can you please send "Missy" a postcard from where ever you live? And when you do - let me know here so that I can keep track as to how many states are sending (sent) a card. I'd love for her to get them from all over - from California to Seattle to New York to Florida - and from other countries too -- from Canada to Mexico and across the oceans from India to Australia - where ever you all are. You don't have to write much, "hello from Alabama" or whatever state or country will suffice.

But PLEASE - if you do write something -- keep it very clean. It is nothing illegal - just sending friendly post cards.

Miss Eleanor Mannequin
C/O Handley's Restaurant Equipment
400 N. Johnson St.
Visalia, CA 93291

Thanks, everyone.
Missy (Eleanor) thanks you too!

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