Saturday, April 28, 2007

Prom night - two down, one to go

For the second time in my life, I helped one of my little girls get ready for prom. I have three girls. Jennifer is a freshman in high school this year - but she is already picking out prom dresses and she is hoping she can attend next year.

2001: I remember helping Marisa prepare for prom. Even though Marisa is Down Syndrome - when it came to preparing for prom - she was like any other teen girl. She was excited. She loved her dress - loved getting her hair and nails done - loved going out to dinner and loved dancing the night away. It was a very special evening. And, yes, I cried when I saw her. I took her to my sisters house. She cried. I took her to my niece's house - she cried. It was a beautiful night to remember.

Tonight it happened again. My second daughter prepared for prom. And yes, I cried. She looked like an angel. She looked beautiful.

I never went to prom. My father did not allow me to date in high school. I never had one date or attended one dance.

[Catherine at home before leaving for prom]


  1. How beautiful, Esther, to cherish those fleeting family moments. Your girls are sure lucky to have you as their mother. :-)

  2. bhaswati - :) thank you. i do cherish my girls, that's for sure.