Friday, November 03, 2006

My blog was reviewed....

What a nice surprise I got yesterday when I woke up. I had an email informing me that my blog had been reviewed.

Not having any idea what to expect, I held my breath as I nervously skipped over to Cobwebs of the Mind -- a site by (author of several books) Ted William Gross of Jerusalem.

But it was pretty cool. I was not disappointed and I almost forgot I was reading about myself. Ted gave me a very nice review. He called my accomplishments "awesome and intimidating" -- it certainly made me smile. That never would have crossed my mind.

I'm not used to praise and I'm sure I was blushing as I read about myself. But even so, heck - admit it - we all love reading wonderful things about ourselves.

I won't go into the entire review here, but Ted did write:

There is something very uplifting about "Midnight Writings", Esther's blog (and there is an accompanying web site and something that we should all learn from. There is a quiet, serene osmosis between an individual and her profession. Esther is not just a woman who happens to be a journalist. She is a woman who part of her being is being a journalist. Sometimes, yes, she must write dry facts (though they don't appear in her blog for the most part). Mostly you can see her own thoughts and feelings within the posts on her blog. This allows for the mother, the individual and the professional to all merge as one into a coherent, though certainly emotional and deeply feeling individual.

And after talking about several of my posts, Ted ended by saying:

"Midnight Writings" is not just a blog. It is the heart of a woman, mother, journalist. It is a journey from time to time into the soul of the woman who always smiles, names Esther Avila. Her writing friends at AW know her as "September Skies". And thus when I always think of her I think of a clear blue sky in the heavens on a warm, breezy day. It is always a day that brings a smile to one's face. Esther's heart and soul, with the hope that she portrays in her blog, leaves us with such a smile.
Read "
Midnight Writings". Visit "Midnight Writings". You will not be disappointed.

Now, isn't that the sweetest review? If you can, and you have not visited there yet, do take a detour to Ted's Cobwebs of the Mind site and check out the review. And, please....leave him a comment. He didn't have to do the review and I just feel honored that he did.


  1. Alan, thank you for stopping by Ted's site and leaving a comment. :) And congratulations on your production at ETSU!

  2. Anonymous5:38 AM

    What a wonderful review, Esther, and all of it, true. Teddy did a great job, and you deserve all the kudos for creating this uplifting place for us to visit. :)

  3. Great review, Esther. And as Bhaswati said, it's all true. :)

  4. Thank you, Bhaswati and Jeff. :)